11 Plus Mock Exam Providers in Greater Manchester

We have sourced some useful providers of 11 Plus Mock Exams in the Greater Manchester area. Please feel free to click through and find out what they provide.

The 7 Greater Manchester Grammar Schools that this information covers are:

Altrincham Grammar School for Boys St Ambrose College
Altrincham Grammar School for Girls Stretford Grammar School
Loreto Grammar School Urmston Grammar Academy
Sale Grammar School

There are different exam processes for the grammar schools in Greater Manchester. Trafford is the biggest area, including 5 different schools. Loreto Grammar School and St Ambrose College administer their own testing format. Information for Trafford which holds the majority of schools can be found below.


11 Plus Mock Exams Trafford


The information below is only relevant to Loreto Grammar School and St Ambrose College.

Greater Manchester 11 Plus Mock Exam Providers


Website: www.bettertuition.co.uk

Location: Greater Manchester Urmston


Provider: 11PLUS

Website: www.11plus.co.uk

Location: Greater Manchester Trafford

Mocks are important but remember to do proper revision, not just papers.

Mocks help children get used to the pressures of the day. Beyond that many parents make the mistake of just doing papers in the final month or so. In fact, for best results children need to do a mix of revision work including both papers and learning enforcement activities. There are no books which do this but there are structured courses which can be really useful.   The courses we suggest are :

These courses are really intensive so watch out! They have a great mix of both papers and learning enforcement so are ideal for the time running up to the exam. We suggest some families may find it more useful to tackle them over six weeks rather than the four weeks suggested.

Points to remember when thinking about 11 Plus Mock Exams

  • Prepare for the mock exam day in advance, treat it as if it were the real thing.
  • Imagine you are going to the real thing so leave in plenty of time for the test.
  • Remember that a great deal of the value the children get from mock exams is the experience of the day itself- the expectation, strange people, strange room, the stamina required and the exam conditions.
  • While the result will be interesting it is what you do afterwards to improve further which is really important.
  • Not all mock exams are the same, cost the same or provide the same reports so choose carefully.
  • It’s often a good idea to do more than one mock exam to make sure nerves are less of an issue on the day itself.

Mock exams can be expensive but in our view they are well worth it.

Useful 11 Plus Mock Exams Information

Alternatively, if you want to get more information about doing your own Eleven Plus Mock Tests at home, then visit our 11 Plus Mock Exams Plan page.

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Other 11 Plus Advice

Doing eleven plus mock tests are just a small part of the necessary preparation for the 11+ exam. Visit the links below for further information advice to help your child best prepare for the 11 Plus Exam: