11 Plus Structured Courses

A Structured Course is a great way to prepare for the 11+ exam. 11 Plus Structured Courses take all the hassle away, providing the same structured package of work as Guided Courses, complete with full explanations and answers, but without the additional tutor support. We recommend Learning Street, who we believe to be the best supplier of 11 Plus Structured Courses.

What do 11 Plus Structured Courses typically provide?

  • Private Tutor standard work, to be downloaded and completed at home rather than at a Tutor’s house.
  • Coverage of everything your child will need to know for the exam they are sitting, including exam paper technique and practice.
  • A clear, straightforward and easy to understand work plan to bring your child up to the desired standard.
  • Full explanations and answers.

Why choose a Learning Street 11 Plus Structured Course over a Guided Course?

  • A more streamlined service – within just a few clicks you can start downloading the first parts of your Structured Course, providing everything you need to prepare your child for the 11+ exam.
  • A fraction of the cost – Learning Street’s Structured Courses cost a one-off fee of just £19 to £89, making high quality 11+ preparation far more affordable.
  • Track record of success – Learning Street evolved from the great success of Lessons In The Post, which has been trusted by parents for over 20 years.
  • A fantastic range of courses available – from complete courses that comprehensively cover everything you need for all subjects, to individual courses that focus on improvement in one specific subject.
  • Available at any time anywhere in the world – because the courses are downloaded to be printed out at home rather than posted, they are instantly accessible on demand wherever you are. This makes Learning Street a brilliant solution for overseas students looking to prepare for the 11+ exam.