11 Plus Guided Courses

11 Plus Guided Courses fall between using books and using a Tutor (either a Private Tutor or a Tuition Group). 11 Plus Guided Courses provide a full structured package of work split into weekly segments for you to do at home, coupled with help and advice of a tutor by e-mail. We recommend Lessons In The Post, who we believe to be the best supplier of 11 Plus Guided Courses.

11 Plus Structured Courses, on the other hand, provide the same structured package of work with full explanations and answers, but without the additional tutor support. The more streamlined service offered by a Structured Course means that it is often available for a fraction of the price. To learn more, see our 11 Plus Structured Courses page, or go directly to our recommended supplier Learning Street.


What do 11 Plus Guided Courses typically provide?

  • Private Tutor standard work, to be completed at home rather than at a Tutor’s house.
  • Coverage of everything your child will need to know for the exam they are sitting, split in to weekly work sections including a mix of Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.
  • A clear, straightforward and easy to understand plan to bring your child up to the desired standard.
  • Full explanations and answers, with additional e-mail and phone support from a Tutor.


Why choose a Lessons In The Post 11 Plus Guided Course?

  • The work programme includes everything you need and is fully structured for you, so there is no need to worry about selecting and buying the right materials.
  • The courses are tailored to your child’s abilities and ambitions after an initial assessment.
  • The courses work on the core skills required, and then blend in an appropriate amount of exam paper preparation.
  • You can work at home on your terms, whenever is convenient for your family schedule. There’s no need to worry about the slots a Private Tutor has available or travel time and costs of getting to their house.
  • Advice is on hand by e-mail or phone whenever you need it.
  • All materials are posted to you on paper, which is how children learn best and how they will eventually sit their exams.
  • The cost can be significantly cheaper than private tuition. A Lessons In The Post Guided Course is about 70% cheaper than a typical Private Tutor (not including travelling costs) and about 30% cheaper than other supplementary education providers.
  • They have an excellent track record of success over the last 20 years.

N.B. Lessons In The Post have also recently launched an improved streamlined service called Learning Street, providing Structured Courses that deliver high quality learning materials at a fraction of the cost. Learn more on our 11 Plus Structured Courses page.