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On this section of the website, you can get all the Eleven Plus Mock Exams Information that you need at the bottom of this page, as well how to plan a 11+ Mock Test.

With developments in the market it’s now also not necessary to do an expensive hall based mock exam. Providers produce realistic 11 Plus Mock Exams to be done at home. This company is the most reasonable 11 plus mock exam paper supplier we have found.

We have specific information relevant for each 11 Plus test area which you can find using the menu to the left or by following the links below. Scroll to the bottom to find information on taking Eleven Plus Mock Tests.

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11 Plus Mock Information

11 Plus mock exams can be extremely useful as part of an 11 Plus preparation process, however their real value is often missed.

11 Plus Mock Exams can help parents gauge current performance levels

In our view external 11 plus mock exams can be useful in letting you know where your child sits vs others and in letting you know where some of their knowledge gaps are. Some external mock exam providers will give you a report which shows where your child came compared to others and perhaps will show where they had knowledge gaps which can be useful when thinking about what to focus on in final preparation.

11 Plus Mock Exams help children overcome the exam pressure they will face

We believe their particular value is in the whole process of getting ready for them, the expectation, getting there on time, sitting tests in a hall with others under exam conditions and the overall experience of the day. When the actual test comes it won’t be the first time children have been through this and that does deliver quite a big advantage to those children who have done external 11 plus mock exams.

Secondly we know that many children will score less well on the day than they have done when doing practice tests. One central reason for this is that they will have succumbed to a lack of stamina on the day. All the expectation and nerves coupled with sitting two (sometimes more) exams in close succession really takes it out of children. An 11+ mock exam can help to ensure children are used to this process before they go into the exam room and so it will have less impact.

External 11 Plus Mock Exam listings

You can use the links at the top of this page or in the menu to find our extensive list of Eleven Plus Mock Providers for all areas of England.

Though for those parents who want to organise 11 Plus Mock Exam days themselves see our guide on organising an 11+ mock day at home for some help and guidance on what to do and what you’ll need to use. Much of the job can be done at home if you have the time to be able to do it.

Whether you use an external Eleven Plus Mock Exam supplier or choose to do 11+ Mock Tests at home we would urge every family to try and do at least some mock exam work as it really can be very beneficial.