Core Skills Focus Throughout the 11 Plus Revision Process

This includes both numeracy and literacy work.

Numeracy core skills work as part of an 11 plus revision plan

On the numeracy side as part of an eleven plus revision plan we’d suggest, in terms of core skills work ( regardless of which exam you are doing- GL, CEM school written), that you focus on the following:

  1. A) Every day do some Mental Maths work to keep the core of your knowledge ticking over. We suggest Schofield and Sims Mental Maths 4 (answer book here) is a good level for most. You should be focussing on getting 100% on these questions. Use the work not only to help keep skills fresh but also to aid accuracy development. During the summer holidays we’d suggest 1 page per day, during school time it may be better, due to time constraints, to do one exercise per day.
  2. B) We’d also suggest doing some worded problems to keep these fresh. We’d suggest using Heinemann Worded Problems Book 6  (answer book here). Children could do 1 page per day during holiday time, perhaps less if school has started.

It’s essential that core skills remain exercised and that the focus on accuracy is maintained. We wouldn’t suggest that moving onto Schofield and Sims book 5 or 6 is beneficial at this point, all we want to achieve is to exercise a child’s skills, they will get all the stretch they need through the papers themselves.

Literacy core skills work as part of an 11 plus revision plan

On the literacy side as a core part of an eleven plus revision plan we’d suggest the following:

  1. A) Children need to maintain a focus on spelling during this period. We’d suggest using Schonell Essential Spelling Book 3. If they have already done this then use AE Tuition Spelling and Vocabulary book 11 or 12 . Do one page per day during holiday time, perhaps a little less during the school week if you are revising then.
  2. B) Children need to be reading every day. They should be reading for at least half an hour per day or more. Do not let this slip, it remains really important.
  3. C) Many 11 Plus Exams will contain complicated texts. We suggest children should get familiar with classic books texts during their preparation process. During revision this is also important. Do some paired reading each week using classic book texts from our classic book list.

All of the above applies to children regardless of whether they are doing GL, CEM or school written exams.

In addition to the above it is obviously critical as part of your four week revision process that you use 11 plus practice papers. To find our advice on which papers to use and what to do when see below.

11 Plus revision papers as part of a structured revision plan.