Welcome to the 11 Plus Guide Blog.


We launched this site a little while ago and have been beavering away to finish off the main elements of it. We are nearly there now and while we’ll always be adding to it and changing it we thought now was a great time to launch the blog.


On the site you’ll find lots of great content including :


Free 11 Plus Exam Papers– there are more than 40 papers currently available and we’ll be building on this as more become available.


Our unique 11 Plus Exam Forum – This isn’t a place to chat, this is the place to find answers to those burning questions you might have. With years of experience we have answered the most common questions parents have and have added a function whereby parents can ask a question themselves of our experts if it hasn’t already been answered.


11 Plus Exam Preparation Guidance – Parents often don’t know what options they have, in this section we try and help outline the key options available, what their various advantages and disadvantages are and what the costs involved might be. Different options suit different families, hopefully this will help you to decide.


11 Plus Exam Home Preparation Guides – This has taken us the longest time to deliver , but perhaps will be of most use to families. Basically if you are preparing at home what we have set out to do is show you by year and by subject which books you should be buying and what an ideal schedule of preparation would look like- parents often false start because this aspect is particularly difficult and confusing.


11 Plus Exams recommended books and resources – There are so many 11 Plus Exam resources and books out there that parents don’t know where to turn. We have reviewed all these titles and have recommended those that we think will best suit parents. We think we’ve done a good job – of the first 1,000 books bought through the site only 2 have been returned by parents- all our recommendations are independent we’ve got no affiliations with publishers, we just want to help parents find the most suitable resources.


There are all sorts of other exciting features and sections of information on the site from examples of all the CEM Verbal Reasoning questions to information on each grammar school in the country, from information about each individual subject to help and advice for Independent School Interview preparation. Whatever you want to find out about the 11 Plus Exams world we hope you’ll find it here, if not ask us by sending a message via the Contact Form.


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