The Association for Quality Education – Transfer Test

The Association for Quality Education manages entry procedures for its area within Northern Ireland. Any child wanting to gain access to a selective secondary school within the AQE area will need to sit an AQE transfer test. Details of schools within the area governed by the Association for Quality Education are detailed at the bottom of this page.

The Association for Quality Education transfer test exam

The AQE exam is written by CEA (common entrance assessment) specifically for this transfer test. The transfer test aims to differentiate children by assessing their performance based on the primary school syllabus. The transfer test aims to be even handed to all children and to differentiate properly so that children who have learnt well and are performing at the top end of the primary school spectrum get into a selective school for their secondary education.

The AQE exam consists of an English Exam and Maths exam. Both exams are multiple choice with the English exam currently being 60 minutes long and the Maths exam being 45 minutes long. Children can expect questions in their Maths exam which are based on the primary school syllabus and the English exam will include comprehension passages . Example free transfer test papers to give parents a feel for what is going to be asked are available to download below.

Free Association for Quality Education transfer test papers

The following papers have been made available free of charge to give parents an idea of the type of questions that will be covered in the transfer test.

Please feel free to access the transfer test papers through the links:

  • Free AQE English transfer test paper
  • Free AQE Maths transfer test paper

Preparation for the AQE transfer test in Northern Ireland

Children who perform well at primary school should do well in the AQE transfer test. We have developed a page on how to prepare for the AQE transfer test which highlights how best to approach a preparation plan and the best books to use. Children who are gradually helped to improve by working little and often at home often do best.

Preparation guidance for the AQE transfer test exam

Association for Quality Education Schools

The schools included within the AQE are detailed below. Any child wanting to gain access to one of these selective secondary schools will need to sit the AQE transfer test.

There is a charge to sit the AQE transfer test which is currently about £45 (this may change).  All children who want to sit the transfer test will have to register and pay the fee beforehand.

Belfast Area

Belfast Royal Academy

Bloomfield Collegiate Grammar School

Campbell College

Grosvenor Grammar School

Hunterhouse College

Methodist College Belfast

Royal Belfast Academical Institution

Strathearn School

Victoria College

Wellington College

North Eastern Area

Antrim Grammar School

Ballyclare High School

Belfast High School

Cambridge House Grammar School

Carrickfergus Grammar School

Coleraine Grammar School

Dalriada School

Larne Grammar School

South Eastern Area

Bangor Grammar School

Down High School

Friends’ School

Glenlola Collegiate School

Regent House School

Sullivan Upper School

The Wallace High School

Western Area

Collegiate Grammar School

Foyle College

Limavady Grammar School

Omagh Academy

Southern Area

Banbridge Academy

The Royal School Armagh

The Royal School Dungannon